Monthly Archives: September 2019

International tax advice

Bramelle Partners can assist businesses and individuals with international tax advice. For Australian business looking to expand overseas we can assist with the following:
  • Ensuring the correct overseas and local structure is used to optimise net returns after tax by ensuring foreign tax credits can be utilised where possible
  • Ensuring correct compliance with transfer pricing documentation...
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Pension reviews

Bramelle Partners provides ongoing pension reviews to ensure the tax on your SMSF is minimised whilst ensuring your fund has enough liquid assets to continuing paying your annual pension payments. We will review your pensions on an ongoing basis to ensure the pension satisfies the SIS and tax requirements and change the pension where required. Our SMSF...
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SMSF setup

Bramelle Partners can advise and assist you on your setting up an SMSF. The first step is to conduct a review to determine whether a SMSF is suitable for your needs as well as advise you of the time and costs involved in managing your SMSF compared to how your current superannuation is managed. Whilst there...
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TBAR lodgements

Transfer Balance Account Reporting (TBAR) is a new event based reporting requirement to report superannuation members balance of their $1.6m transfer balance cap. From 1 July 2017 all trustees of superannuation funds including SMSF's are required to report certain transactions and balances of members in retirement phase. SMSF trustees will either be required to report the transactions and...
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