Monthly Archives: February 2020

Remission of additional super guarantee charge penalty

With the transition to Single Touch Payroll almost complete for all employers within Australia, the ATO now has considerably more information to identify superannuation guarantee non-compliance in real time. Employers that do not make sufficient quarterly superannuation contributions for each employee by the due date will be liable to the superannuation guarantee charge (SGC), a penalty...
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Foreign residents and the main residence exemption

Foreign residents beware, laws have been passed to restrict your access to claim the CGT main residence exemption on the sale of your home, except in some limited circumstances. This applies to any person that is not an Australian resident for tax purposes at the time of disposal (ie when the contract is signed to...
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ATO scrutiny on car parking fringe benefits

The ATO has started contacting certain employers that provide car parking fringe benefits to their employees to ensure that all FBT obligations are being met. Car parking benefits arise where the parking provided meets certain conditions, and when the conditions are met, employers have a choice of 3 methods to calculate the taxable value of...
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