Monthly Archives: September 2021

Codifying obligations of super trustees

The government is seeking broad changes to address the under-development of the retirement phase of the superannuation system. This has come about as a result of a recent government review into the purposes of the retirement system which noted that substantial improvements should be made in how the super system delivers adequate incomes in retirement. With...
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Tax time 2021: rental property pitfalls

Rental property owners beware, this tax time, the ATO will be expanding the rental income data collected directly from third-party sources including sharing economy platforms, rental bond authorities, and property managers. This was a part of a new and extended data-matching program which aims to gather detailed information about the property and owners for the...
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State Governments’ COVID-19 support: a summary

With the circulation of the Delta variant, many parts of Australia are now under lockdown putting increasing strain on small and large businesses alike. Unlike the previous nationalised COVID-19 support provided at the beginning of last year, this time, the financial support for businesses are fragmented and entirely depends on the State or Territory in...
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