Monthly Archives: June 2022

Tax time 2022: ATO focus areas

As a part of the Budget, the government has extended the temporary 50% reduction in minimum annual payment amounts for super pensions and annuities to 30 June 2023. The measure was originally introduced for the 2019-20 year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which negatively impacted the super account balances of many retirees. According to the government, given ongoing volatility, the extension will ensure that retirees will not be forced to sell assets in order to satisfy the minimum drawdown requirements.

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Personal super deductions: remember the notice

The end of financial year is fast approaching, and individuals with excess savings or those who have received a bonus since the beginning of the year may want to use the extra cash to grow their super. One of the easiest ways to grow super and get a tax deduction at the same time is to make a personal superannuation contribution. However, there are certain factors that will need to be considered including eligibility requirements and contribution caps, as well as giving the required noticed in time.

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What’s next on the agenda for the government

With the election campaign finally over and a new government sworn in, many will be wondering what a Labor government is likely to tackle during their term in government. Two significant policies that Labor took to the election were child care changes (both in terms of the subsidy and structural changes) and dealing with multinational tax avoidance. In relation to the latter, it proposed a multifaceted approach by limiting debt-related deductions by multinationals, denying a tax deduction for intellectual property in some instances, and increasing transparency.

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