Monthly Archives: July 2022

ATO to resume collecting aged debts

Taxpayers with aged debts that the ATO had paused collecting or put on hold should be aware that offsetting aged debts against tax refunds or credits has now resumed. Letters were sent out in May 2022 to remind taxpayers that they have aged debts and that June 2022 will see the recommencement of debt collection. The aged debts can be offset either from ATO accounts or credits from other government agencies, although the debt will not be offset if the only available credit relates to a Family Tax Benefit amount.

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Current compliance issues in the SMSF space

The SMSF space has always been a complex area for both trustees, beneficiaries, and advisers. In the past few years, the ATO has made many concessions and has put compliance action on hold because of COVID-19 and its after effects. However, for the 2022-23 year and beyond, it is looking to scale up its compliance program as a reaction to indicators of heightened risk in the sector. One specific area it will be targeting is those failing to lodge annual returns, which has been identified as a red flag leading to illegal early release.

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ATO reminders to small business this tax time

Small businesses are again in the ATO’s sights this tax time, with a focus on stamping out deductions not related to business income, overclaiming of expenses, omission of business income and insufficient records to substantiate claims. The ATO reminds small business taxpayers that it receives external data from a variety of sources, including the taxable payments reporting system for certain industries. This data can be used to data-match information included in tax returns to ensure completeness and accuracy.

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