ATO target rental property owners

Rental property owners beware, the ATO has commenced 2 data-matching programs designed to obtain a myriad of information to ensure that various income tax reporting obligations have been met. Specifically, the ATO will run a new data-matching program to collect property management data for the 2018-19 to 2022-23 financial years, and extend the existing rental...
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SMSFs and minimum pension requirements

As the trustee of an SMSF, if one of the beneficiaries of the fund retires and commences an account-based pension, it is the responsibility of the trustee to ensure that the pension meets the minimum pension payment requirements. Generally, once a pension or an annuity is commenced, there is a minimum amount that must be...
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Federal budget 2021-22: spending our way back

The Federal Government has handed down its second pandemic budget, committing billions to creating jobs and bolstering essential services as Australia recovers from the effects of COVID-19. According to the Budget Papers, Australia has achieved a stronger-than-expected recovery from COVID-19. Economic output is expected to have reached pre-pandemic levels in March 2021, nine months earlier than...
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