GST Fundamentals

For anyone who is commencing a business, it is important to understand the fundamentals of GST to ensure that any claims being made are legitimate and there are unlikely to be any unexpected surprises in the event of an audit or review. This recent case with the AAT...
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Government scrapping previous tax changes

The new Liberal Government is scrapping the majority of proposed tax changes put forward by the previous Labor Government. One of the more notable proposals to be scrapped is the capping of self education expenses which proved unpopular with those starting in the workforce and those looking to upskill themselves through further education. The fringe...
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Submissions on the end of the Carbon Tax

The Australian Government will abolish the carbon tax from 1 July 2014. This will lower costs for Australian businesses and ease cost of living pressures for households. The Australian Government has released exposure drafts of legislation to repeal the carbon tax, which have been prepared by the Department of the Environment and the Treasury. The exposure draft...
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