Cryptocurrency Tax Accounting Australia

Tax-free gains are a myth when you buy, sell or invest in crypto…

Investors and traders who fail to declare crypto gains and losses face steep financial penalties for tax evasion. Few accountants understand the complex tax rules of this relatively new asset. Enlist the support of our experienced cryptocurrency tax specialists. Protect your gains, without stressing over hours of paperwork.

There’s a lot of confusion around cryptocurrency tax rules….

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has put a spotlight on crypto gains, by tracking data from service providers that know your trading history. In recent years, the ATO has warned more than 100,000 crypto users who neglected their digital asset tax obligations.

Many investors want to do the right thing, but confusion arises because the crypto system is complex. There are multiple categories and massive value fluctuations.

Individuals and businesses must declare their crypto totals on tax returns. It’s likely you will need to pay either a capital gains or income tax (depending on whether you’re an investor or trader). This applies to all crypto that isn’t considered a personal use asset.

It’s important to keep a record of all cryptocurrency transactions. Consider hiring a crypto accountant, so that you don’t make a mistake that attracts a steep fine or higher-than-necessary tax costs.

Cryptocurrency Tax Accounting Australia

Bramelle Partners crypto tax services for individuals and businesses….

Our chartered accountants are passionate about crypto, with a complete understanding of all tax requirements. We can help you to accurately lodge your tax return so that you avoid penalties and benefit from any applicable discounts (such as the 50% Capital Gains Tax Discount).

Why trust us at Bramelle Partners chartered with your Crypto Taxation?

  • Annual fixed fees: Clients appreciate the certainty of being charged a fixed cost upfront.
  • Cost-effective outcomes: Fees are based on the outcome, not the time it takes to deliver the service (some firms deliberately spend more time to charge a higher fee).
  • Value for money: Unlimited support is included in our fees. We’re happy to travel to any location in Sydney.
  •  Holistic approach: We provide financial advisory services, in addition to business and tax compliance. Our decisions are driven by solid data.
  • Collaborative approach: We spend time talking to our clients to understand their needs.

Don’t risk thousands of dollars in tax penalties…

Let our experts take care of the paperwork while you focus on building your wealth.

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