International tax advice

Bramelle Partners can assist businesses and individuals with international tax advice.

For businesses looking to setup overseas operations, it is important the correct structure is adopted to ensure the overall tax paid is kept to a minimum and also ensuring documentation is correctly maintained to satisfying ever increasing scrutiny of transfer pricing arrangements. In addition to this there are a number of new taxes which a business will now have to deal with when moving overseas such as local government and state taxes, local payroll taxes, withholding taxes along with dealing with the local Governments compliance and regulations.

Bramelle Partners can assist with international expansion and provide points of contact in the local countries through our existing network.

For individuals, tax should be one of the main considerations of moving to a different country for work purposes as this can have a material impact on the lifestyle you can live in the new country. Australia has many double tax agreements with different countries around the world each with their own sets of rules. There are also a number of incentives and benefits which may be available to temporary tax residents. Some of these benefits may only be realised if contracts and visas a structured are certain way. With global mobility now more of an option than ever, it is important that individuals understand the tax implications of their move as well as their entitlements to retirement benefits.

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