Nov 10, 2015

Specialist Startup accountants

Commencing a startup requires a lot of hard work and some luck along the way and if your one of those who have been successful to navigate your business through those lean years then your focus should be shifted to protecting what you have built.

Bramelle Partners are specialist startup accountants who have assisted numerous startups successfully with this journey. We understand the needs of lean tech startup in the early years. Many traditional accounting firms will focus on your business compliance and while that is important, we believe focusing in those early months and years in developing and improving your business model to increase the value of your business.

Inevitability most startups will need to raise capital at some stage, as specialist startup accountants were focus on increasing the value in your business before you need to raise capital so you don’t have to give away more equity than you have to.

Getting the most out of your limited cash resources is the most important factor in the early years in a startup. You need to make sure that your business model has been validated through extensive testing. Your business value improves dramatically once you had validated that your cost of acquiring a customer (or cost per acquisition – CPA’s) is less than your lifetime value of a customer (LTV’s). If your accountant doesn’t know what you’re talking about when discussing CPA’s (hopefully they don’t talk about the Certified Practicing Accountant’s body) and LTV’s, they probably aren’t suited to assist your startup outside of general business and tax compliance. Bramelle Partners can connect you with other professionals so you can access numerous government grants that may be available to you to stretch your cash resources further.

Once you have achieved this, then Bramelle Partners can focus on minimising your tax, and protecting your business’ value.

Partnering with Bramelle Partners also provide you with a large network of advisors who can you give your startup the best chance for success.

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