Government grant assistance

Bramelle Partners can assist you with identifying and obtaining the relevant Government Grants available. There are currently over 700+ government grants available.

Grants can be really useful in extending the runway of a startup as well as providing supplementary funding to established business to support through a growth phase.

Government grants are complex and have a stringent application process to ensure grants a bona fide and Government are supporting legitimate businesses which will have a good chance of helping the economy in the long term once the Government grants have been provided. For this reason, applying for grants can be a time consuming process and also a distraction for businesses which want to undertake the process themselves.

Bramelle Partners provides support to those businesses seeking grants to ensure the correct documentation is maintained throughout the year and ensuring claims are correctly applied for and assisting with the review process during claims.

The most common types of Government Grants are:

  • Research and Development Tax incentive (RDTI)
  • Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)
  • Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC)
  • Entrepreneurs Program
  • CSIRO Kick Start

If you need any assistance with Government Grants please contact our office for further information.

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