Family office and high net worth family groups

International tax advice

Bramelle Partners can assist businesses and individuals with international tax advice. For Australian business looking to expand overseas we can assist with the following:
  • Ensuring the correct overseas and local structure is used to optimise net returns after tax by ensuring foreign tax credits can be utilised where possible
  • Ensuring correct compliance with transfer pricing documentation...
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Succession planning

Running a successful business certainly has its challenges. Running a successful family has even more challenges and brings a different set of issues and complexity which extend further than the operations of the business. Bramelle Partners, being family business ourselves, we understand the issues which confront family business as we live and breath these experiences ourselves...
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Government grant assistance

Bramelle Partners can assist you with identifying and obtaining the relevant Government Grants available. There are currently over 700+ government grants available. Grants can be really useful in extending the runway of a startup as well as providing supplementary funding to established business to support through a growth phase. Government grants are complex and have a stringent...
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Insurance reviews

Insurance can be a cost effective way of protecting your assets and family against unforeseen circumstances. Bramelle Partners will review the adequacy of your current amount and type of insurance cover. If you need to amend your insurance or increase the premium we can refer you to an appropriate insurance specialist....
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